Who we are

We are a group of digital experts passionate about working with businesses that deserve to be seen online. Collectively we have more than 30 years of experience so you are in safe hands

Who we are

Naay stands for Not All About You.

We understand to the max that your customers really don’t care what you have to say. They are only interested in the questions they have about you and that’s all that we need to answer. 

“It’s not what you sell that
matters as much as how
you sell it!”

— Brian Halligan,
CEO & Co-Founder, HubSpot

Ben Govier


Ben founded Naay after nearly 10 years of
working in a PLC helping SME’s with their
marketing – frustrated by corporate restrictions and a lack of investment in people he stepped up to work with businesses in the right way.


Head Developer

Jogesh has 20 years of experience leading development teams on complicated bespoke projects.



David is a designer with a difference, not all his designs are the same – this takes passion. You have to love design to keep motivated – and motivated David is.



Miguel loves user designs – he designed how this website you are reading now looks – he’s got more talent the Simon Cowel’s wardrobe manager on the X-factor



Let’s be really honest, you can’t be good at everything. Our digital skills are unreal, but this means someone has to keep the paperwork organized. Thank goodness. 




We ain’t too clever at writing so Richard is here to make sure we don’t confuse people. Ever read Eat Shoots & Leaves? ( Spoiler alert it’s not about a panda ) 



With all the tech in the world, you still need your products to look good.  These are not skills you can download with an app – you need the right equipment and an eye for detail.

Mission Statement

Naay is on a mission to make all SME’s marketing as effective as large corporates.


The smallest companies have access to the right tools but don’t have the knowledge needed to put them into place for success. We want to be the UK’s most trusted Digital Agency.


The proven techniques are the ones we rely on. Trust and transparency are key to our success.