How to use Facebook Messenger for business

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How to use Facebook Messenger for business

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HubSpot findings on how consumers expect instant responses

With over 1.3 billion users every month, Messenger can be an invaluable Facebook feature for your business. Especially when you consider the fact that many people are already using it to connect with brands and businesses regularly.

According to a Facebook-commissioned study, 61% of U.S consumers had used a daily messaging app to communicate with a business within the past three months of the survey. No wonder brands are already taking advantage of Facebook Messenger to connect with their customers frequently, exchanging 20 billion messages each month.

Start using Facebook Messenger more effectively by understanding the key benefits and best practices of this chat platform.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger for business

Facebook Messenger can play a critical role in your Facebook marketing strategy if you know how to use it right. Take a look at the top benefits of Facebook Messenger for business so you can understand how to make the most of it:

1. Generating high-quality leads

There are several reasons why people will reach out to you via Facebook Messenger. Some will come to you about a customer service issue, while others will want to learn more about your product or service. No matter the scenario, opportunities open up for your business to follow up with special offers, new products and services and more.

In other words, you get to generate leads through Facebook Messenger. On top of this, the leads you get through Facebook Messenger are particularly high-quality because they’re already familiar with your business, and they’ve already displayed an interest in your products and services.

Alternatively, you can also set up ads that will lead clicks to Messenger and nurture them into valuable leads. This allows prospective customers to instantly connect with representatives to better understand how the product serves them. For One Doc Laser & Aesthetic, this resulted in 47% more messages received compared to a previous campaign.

For this strategy to work, keep in mind that you have to create a highly compelling Facebook ad copy that draws prospects in and makes them want to click the Messenger prompt.

2. Providing exceptional customer service

One of the best ways to use Messenger for business is to provide customer service and support. Another Facebook survey found that 83% of U.S consumers message a business to ask about products or services. And 76% do so specifically to get support for a product or service.

So Facebook Messenger offers a convenient way for your customers to message you for any queries or help with their problems. This gives you the opportunity to provide exceptional customer service through personalized interactions and quick resolutions.

On top of this, you can also use Messenger to deliver other types of experiences that will further delight your customers. For instance, KLM Airlines used it to provide customers with boarding passes, check-in notifications and updates about their flight status.

Combined with the addition of a “Send Message” button for easier communication, the airline company was able to see a 5-point higher average Net Promoter Score on Messenger than its initial goal.

3. Enabling transactions for a better experience

The previously-cited Facebook study also found that 75% of U.S consumers messaged a business to make a purchase or reservation. With the right chat flow set up, a customer can contact a business to ask some questions, and then easily buy something or make a reservation after getting their answers. This seamless experience will work wonders on your customer satisfaction rate as well as conversions.

Use the opportunity to enable transactions through Facebook Messenger and ensure a better shopping experience. If you’re selling a service or have a longer sales cycle, Facebook Messenger can help create additional, personalized touchpoints and drive increased conversions.

Kiehl’s, the luxury beauty brand, was able to leverage Facebook Messenger bots for business to close the conversion loop for their social presence in Vietnam. The brand set up a bot on Messenger to answer questions and help customers browse through products. This resulted in a 22% increase in sales compared to sales during the non-campaign period.

4. Building trust in your brand

The ability to directly speak to a brand can give customers more confidence before making a purchase. Messenger allows you to open a direct line of communication between your business and your customers, so there’s more transparency along with a better connection. Facebook even found that 69% of U.S consumers feel more confident about a brand they can message.

Best practices to use Facebook Messenger for business

Knowing why you should use Messenger for business isn’t enough; you should also maximize its potential using the following best practices:

1. Be responsive

Responsiveness could make or break the customer experience on Facebook Messenger. According to a HubSpot study, consumers typically expect businesses to respond on a live chat in 10 minutes or less. This is much faster than the 1 hour response rate expected on typical social media channels. So it’s crucial that you use Messenger for business to provide quick and relevant responses to your customers about sales and support queries.

It’s not always possible to have agents monitoring your chat 24/7. Instead, you could also set up a Facebook Messenger bot for business to solve basic problems any time of day. Automating some aspects of your social media will help you efficiently manage conversations without racking up costs. Beyond the issues that a bot can’t solve, you can create a chat flow to schedule a follow-up with a live agent during working hours.

Sprout Social offers a comprehensive Bots Builder that’s easy to use and set up even if you’re completely new to the scene. The tool helps you visualize the customer’s journey when they interact with your Facebook Messenger bot. This makes it easier to configure it to provide relevant experiences.

Sprout bot builder

2. Keep things personalized

You offer a personalized experience when you greet customers by name, and you can increase personalization by seamlessly continuing their previous conversations with your business. Offering this type of personalization through Facebook Messenger will help you deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Here’s where the Sprout Smart Inbox feature comes in handy with its built-in system for managing customer relationships and conversation history. This lets you quickly pull up all the past conversations and notes for a specific customer, enabling you to give relevant responses and resolutions.

Sprout Smart Inbox

3. Maintain your brand voice

Your brand voice shouldn’t just extend to your social posts and emails; it should be consistent across all brand communications. That includes your conversations via Facebook Messenger as well. So besides training your live chat agents, make sure your chatbot responses align with your brand voice too.

Winning with Messenger for business

Considering its potential to enhance customer experience and boost sales, using Facebook Messenger makes sense for all industries. And Sprout Social helps you tackle the challenges of setting up Facebook Messenger bots and delivering personalized experiences. So don’t forget to sign up for a demo to see these features for yourself.