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Out with the old in with the ‘You’

About this

Date: SEP, 2020

Wilson House Holiday offers luxury lodges and pitches in the heart of Lancashire – they use our support to maintain their website as they continue to grow


Check their site our here:


We have a framework for all our processes which is all centred around the clients customer


The initial stages are all about asking customers about the aspirations and goals. We want to paint the picture that our customer dreams of!


We can’t help you unless we know the destination we are moving you to – s SMART goal needs to be documented to help us help you


The geeky bit… once our client signs off what things look like we get the tech team to build it

Buying Persona

It’s one thing giving us an idea of  what your customers look like but we need the detailed picture of their behaviour and we use a pretty cool tool for it here


Our studio gets to work designing the elite graphics and animations considering always the user

Test and launch

We test and retest  until we’re happy it ready. 

What our
client said

Working with Naay transformed our way of thinking and delivered results – social media strategies are really tough to get right but we were really happy with the outcome .

Kay Simmons

Marketing Director