5 simple ideas to help you create Instagram video

Now, let’s look at some real-world examples of Instagram video in action.

Below are five options that brands should consider integrating into their content strategies.

1. Show off your product or service in action

No surprises here! If you’re selling a physical product, producing video around what you’re selling is a solid starting point.

In-feed is perhaps the best video format for Instagram if you’re in ecommerce. Time-lapse videos and product reels are as popular as ever for showing off your products from all angles, all without any complicated editing required.

2. Conduct a how-to or tutorial video

Educating your audience is a tried-and-tested tactic for brands looking to sell via video.

Brainstorm what you can teach your audience and how you can integrate your products into the process. For example, Pulp Riot, using Instagram Live to conduct how-tos featuring their haircare products…

igtv video examples

…and then promotes the broadcasts in their feeds so followers can watch them later.

igtv video

This is a shining example of how to get more mileage out of a Live video and effectively double-dip your content.

Take your followers behind-the-scenes

We’ll say it again: if you want to create video for Instagram, you don’t need to do anything complicated.

Just look at the popularity of video via Instagram Stories for reference.

guitar center behind the scenes Instagram video

From product launches to conferences and festivals, Stories are a low-hanging way to capture footage and encourage interaction with your followers via captions and stickers. The unpolished feel of Stories ultimately makes your content feel more off-the-cuff and authentic, definitely a welcome break from “professional” or commercial videos.

Conduct a Q&A session

Another strategy for using Stories is running a Q&A session with your followers.

Not only does doing so require no equipment and minimal editing, but also offers an opportunity to interact with your fans. You can either vet questions in real-time or source them in advance.

instagram video Q&A with nasa

Q&As are awesome for hyping up events and product launches. You can likewise save them to your Stories feed so followers can check them out later.

Holding these sorts of digital events signals that you want to actually interact with your fans versus just talk “at” them.

Ask followers to create videos on your behalf

Much like any other type of user-generated content such as customer photos, don’t be shy about asking followers to create video content on your behalf.

For example, GoPro uses their #GoProLiveIt to encourage customers to produce and share video creations for their weekly Stories contest. You could do the exact same with in-feed video as well.

gopro video

Rather than always show off your own products in action, give your customers the opportunity to do the same. This allows you to both expand the reach of your ads via customer content and create a sense of community among your followers.

How to make sure your Instagram video marketing works

No matter what sort of video content you’re looking to create, it’s crucial that your efforts mesh with the big picture of your social strategy.

To wrap things up, let’s review some tips and tactics that can help.

Determine how video fits into your content calendar

Given the effort involved with producing video, you shouldn’t create it “just because.” Instead, think about the goals behind your video content.

For example, are you looking to drive more traffic to your store? Create brand awareness? Increase followers and views?

There is no “wrong” answer here. What matters is that the video you create has some sort of purpose behind it.

Meanwhile, consider where your Instagram video sits with the rest of your content calendar. This includes your visual content (think: static photos, user-generated content) on Instagram and the rest of your social profiles (think: YouTube, Facebook, TikTok).

This is where a publishing tool like Sprout Social comes in handy. Our platform allows you to keep all of your brand’s video assets in one place, making it easy to cross-post video when necessary. You also have a more comprehensive view of your Instagram content and whether or not it’s too photo-dominant.

instagram content calendar

Don’t confine yourself to mobile publishing

Many of the various Instagram video formats are mobile-friendly.

However, restricting yourself to mobile-only video means you’re losing out on opportunities to upload polished, professional productions.

If you’re looking to go beyond off-the-cuff videos, make sure to invest in desktop publishing with the help of tools like Sprout.

instagram video uploading

Keep an eye on your Instagram video analytics

We noted earlier that videos on Instagram are prime for engagement.

That said, videos aren’t guaranteed Likes or comments by default. It’s important to keep an eye on your Instagram analytics to assess the following as you roll out your campaigns:

  • How does your video content perform against your photos?
  • Which photos or videos are most popular on your profile?
  • How long are people watching your videos? What does your average view count look like?

Features such as Instagram analytics via Sprout can break down all of the above to understand whether or not your videos are moving the needle.

instagram video analytics sprout

And with that, we wrap up our guide!

What does your Instagram video marketing strategy look like?

Listen: Instagram is about so, so much more than just photos these days.

Getting started with video content is a must-do for any brand looking to grow on the platform.

And if you’re still eager for more ideas for doing exactly that, make sure to check out our guides to social media video for some more much-needed inspiration.

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